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Your Compounding Specialists

Clark's Compounding Pharmacy is more than a drugstore. We are your highly trained and local compounding pharmacy experts.  We combine the art and science of preparing personalized medications to meet your specific needs. 

What We Do

Custom Medications

•Dye and preservative free formulations

•Custom flavored liquid medications

•Medications no longer commercially available

•Combination products to eliminate extra doses

•Sustained release capsules

•Unique dosage forms

•Click here to learn more about our specialties such as hormone replacement therapy for men and women, immune support, and chronic pain.

Veterinary Medications

Pets pose many unique medication challenges that compounding can solve.








Animals in zoos and aquariums

Supplement Advice

Our pharmacists are always happy to offer expert advice for your supplement needs. We carry brands such as the following:

•KC Pro-Nutrients




Plus many more.

You can find our supplements in store or online.

Private Consultations

Do you have medication questions or concerns that are more detailed or take more time to discuss?

Our pharmacists would be pleased to schedule a private consultation with you. Click here to learn more.

What Patients Say

"As both a physician and patient, I appreciate having this pharmacy (and Kusler's in Snohomish) available. Very helpful, professional, always friendly and very knowledgeable."

Upcoming Events

OANP 28th Annual Pharmacy & Ethics Conference

Oct. 21-22     Portland, OR

The 28th annual conference is themed Integrative Mental Health: Bridging the Gap. This in-person conference has an exciting lineup presenting 10 Pharmacy CE and 2 Ethics CE / 10 BIO PDA and 2 Ethics PDA worth of compelling lectures. Visit Kusler's and Clark's Compounding Pharmacy at Booth 2!

Conference Break Time

Conference for Practitioners

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