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Your Compounding Specialists

Clark's Compounding Pharmacy is more than a drugstore.  We are your highly trained and local compounding pharmacy experts.  We combine the art and science of preparing personalized medications to meet your specific needs. 


      •   Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women

      •   Sexual Dysfunction and Libido

      •   Gastrointestinal Disorders

      •   Dermatology​

      •   Autoimmune Treatments

      •   Pediatrics and Family

      •   Oncology Support 

•   Veterinary Medicine

•   Sports Medicine and Podiatry

•   Pain Management

•   Wound and Scar Care

•   Ear, Nose, and Throat

•   Dental and Oral Health

Interested in learning more?  Listen to Dawn Ipsen, PharmD speak on Compounding Pharmacy on the Podcast for Healing Neurology.

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients. Clark's Compounding Pharmacy offers customized medication solutions for people and pets, including:

      •   Dye and preservative free formulations

      •   Custom flavored liquids

      •   Medications no longer commercially available

      •   Combination products to eliminate extra doses

      •   Sustained release capsules

      •   Unique dosage forms

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Clark's Compounding Pharmacy only carries the highest quality supplements and vitamins. Our brand, KC Pro-Nutrients, goes through stringent testing by third party laboratories to verify its quality and purity. We believe in providing our community with ethical supplements and vitamins that will support your health and lifestyle.

Come on in and speak with one of our Pharmacists or trained technicians to discuss your supplement needs. 

Visit our Wellevate online dispensary to order your supplements directly.

Thorne products can be ordered direct as well including Free Shipping.

Xymogen products can now by ordered direct from the manufacturer.   Click on the link to sign up and learn more about this great benefit. 


KC Skin

Many people have skin concerns that need to be addressed, but don’t quite fit the need for a prescription medication. Enter KC Skin, a skincare line designed to address various skin concerns with no prescription needed. KC Skin includes these three topicals:

    • Soothing Serum - suited for skin in need of rejuvenation, Soothing Serum provides a protective barrier and keeps the skin moisturized.

    • Barrier Defense Cream - best for dry, irritated skin, Barrier Defense Cream contains a unique ceramide and hydrating ingredients.

    • Clarity Cream - formulated for red, oily skin, Clarity Cream contains an avocado extract and soothing ingredients to improve the appearance of blemished skin.

KC Skin can be found in-store at Kusler’s and Clark’s Compounding Pharmacies.

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